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is the product of more than 20 years of combined insurance experience obtained by the founders of AVANCE SCHOOL and 13 years of studying the particular needs of the Hispanic community, in Texas, as related to the field of Insurance training Services.

Our Mission

The singularity of the Hispanic community required that AVANCE SCHOOL prepare insurance study courses that took into consideration the Hispanic peoples own cultural pecularities. That is why our courses are in spanish, our insurance textbooks are originally written in spanish, the graphical ilustrations are in spanish and the native language of the authors and insurance class instructors is also spanish.

Company Profile

Avance School was founded in 1996. Spanish speaking insurance test candidates have long struggled in english to prepare for State exams for insurance. The State of Texas First started providing State Insurance testing in spanish in 1995. Immediately, AVANCE SCHOOL saw the need for insurance textbooks in spanish, followed by the need for insurance classroom courses taught in spanish. We are glad to say  that AVANCE SCHOOL is the first prelicensing school, Approved and Regulated in the State of Texas, that provides Insurance Courses in Spanish.

Contact Information

16127 Green Oaks Dr.
        Houston, TX. 77032
Electronic mail:
General Information:Avanceschool@avanceschool.com
Sales: Enrollment@avanceschool.com
Customer Support: Customerservice@avanceschool.com
        State Test Inquiries: Testquestions@avanceschool.com

"Educación Profesiónal en su Idioma"

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